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Human Resources Services

We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your business

    HR Services:

    Best Practice High Level HR Audit

    Human resource audits can help identify whether an HR department or an organisation’s specific practice areas or processes are adequate, legal, and effective. The results obtained from this review can help identify gaps in practices, HR or the organisation can then prioritise these gaps to satisfy regulatory compliance, improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness.

    We can support you by auditing the following processes:

    • Talent Attraction
    • Recruitment
    • Onboarding/Induction (the first 100 days)
    • Development
    • Retention
    • Exiting the organisation

    Employee Engagement

    As the world of work continues to change at a faster pace, it has become crucial, more than ever, that business owners and leaders pay more attention and invest in initiatives that contribute to attaining a highly engaged workforce to maintain competitive advantage.

    The return on investment on the workforce is huge when people are engaged. Some of the benefits realised when engagement is high are:

    • Easier and more enjoyable leadership
    • Reduced employee turnover
    • Improved morale
    • Improved organisation culture
    • Increased customer and client satisfaction
    • More efficient, productive workforce
    • Reduction in sickness absence
    • More innovation
    • Increased sense of belonging

     We will support you to achieve an increased level of engagement that will drive attraction, growth and retention of talent impacting all areas of the employee life cycle.

     We will assist you in gauging your employees’ level of engagement using different methods and tools including the use of surveys that accurately measure your employees’ experience. We will analyse the results with you and formulate targeted interventions integrated into every employee touchpoint, from recruitment to on-boarding, to performance management, health and wellness and even exits.

    Transformation | Organisation Development & Design | Change Management

    If you are an organisation striving to grow, adapt or reform to keep your competitive edge, effective change management is critical and paramount.

    We will approach your organisation with an open mind and take a 3 staged approach.

    • We analyse through asking questions and observations to get a feel of your organisation and gain a clear understanding of how we can address your core challenges
    • We will work with you, your leaders and managers to develop a bespoke strategy involving the rest of the workforce to implement the strategy
    • We will support your business to sustain and maintain the changes

    HR Essentials – Keeping you legally compliant

    The consequence of failing to follow or comply with employment regulations is not just financial. It can be very damaging to the brand and reputation of an organisation. We will support you by creating or reviewing employment documents and processes, updating them in line with legislation changes. Examples are:

    • Employment Contracts
    • Changes to terms and conditions
    • Company policies and procedures
    • Employee handbook
    • Performance Appraisal/Review Process and Competency Frameworks
    • Capability Management, performance improvement plans
    • Sickness & Absence Management
    • Disciplinary Process
    • Grievance Management
    • Terminations

    Strategic HR

    Do you want to accelerate growth? Research into forward looking, flourishing organisations has consistently shown that smart business decision making will bear success.

    We will work with you to identify challenges and the right strategic opportunities and then create conditions for your organisation to thrive. Examples of the areas we can support you in are:

    • Formulating and executing a people and business strategy aligned to your organisation’s goals
    • Workforce Information and Planning using business intelligence to improve efficiency.
    • Job evaluations and redesign to increase teams’ performance and organisation capability
    • Organisation Culture Change
    • Restructure for organisation efficiency

    Specialist HR & Projects

    There may be times when you need adhoc support, not tied to a long-term contract or obligations. Using our expertise, we will guide you using effective project management methodologies and frameworks aimed at delivering value to your organisation.

    Examples are:

    • Negotiations with employee groups & unions
    • Restructures and redundancies
    • Leavers (Settlement) Agreements
    • Employment Tribunal Support
    • Conducting Independent, sensitive, and high-level grievance and disciplinary Investigations
    • Reviewing and designing policies
    • Job description evaluations

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    We will guide and support you throughout all the phases of the acquisition and merger ensuring that the business stays legally compliant. In the process, we will coach business leaders and managers in handling difficult conversations in a sensitive way and with emotional intelligence. Examples are:

    • Carrying out due diligence checks
    • Consultation with the workforce, employee networks and unions
    • TUPE
    • Renegotiating terms and conditions of employment
    • Outplacement support for employees impacted on by redundancy
    • Post-merger support – Managing transition and change; Teams support; Coaching survivors of change

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